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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
New Find! Encyclopaedia from 1836

Hi all,

Last week I was lucky enough to be gifted with a set of volumes (14 of 22) from an encyclopaedia printed in 1836 (courtesy of my mother who has a gift for finding rare and exquisite items).  Below is a photo of the introduction page.

After some research, it turns out that the set was authored in 1829 in London.  The 1836 edition contains an excellent set of engravings, one of which is pictured below (from volume X)

As you might be able to observe, the content is in pretty good condition given the age of the volumes.  Some are in poor condition (maybe 4 of the 14), however the remaining 10 are in good reading condition, and many have uncut pages!

What a find!  I've been busy reviewing (carefully) some of the content.  It is a real treat to read such a 'blast from the past'.  I'd be very keen to find the missing volumes and possibly the two volumes containing engravings.

For those who found this post via Google, the set is titled "The London Encyclopaedia" or "Universal Dictionary of Science, Art, Literature, and Practical Mechanics"

If you're interested in these email me per the link supplied on the site.

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